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Earning a music degree entirely online is possible!

Here's why you should consider our online music degree program at ARC.


With online music courses, you have the freedom to schedule your classes around your busy life.


Whether you work full-time, have family commitments, or live in a remote location, our degree program makes it possible to learn music without sacrificing your other responsibilities.

Music Equalizer

Innovative technology

ARC Music incorporates innovative technology into our online curriculum.


This technology enhances the learning experience for students and provides them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a rapidly changing music industry.

Stacks of Coins

Lower costs

ARC's online AA-T in Music degree is more cost-effective than most traditional music programs.


With online education, students don't have to pay for expensive campus housing, meal plans, or transportation to campus. This can make courses more accessible to students who might not have been able to afford a traditional music program.


See a cost comparison of California public universities and community colleges.

Sheet Music

Access to world-class teachers

Our online courses give you access to a broad range of teachers and mentors located anywhere in the world in addition to our world-class faculty at American River College!

All Hands In

Collaborative experiences

Our online AA-T in Music provides students with collaborative experiences that traditional music programs might not.


Students can work on projects with instructors, mentors, and students from all over the world, allowing them to gain a broader perspective on the music industry and develop their networking skills. 

Recording Studio

Diverse learning opportunities

Our program offers a range of learning opportunities, including live lessons, pre-recorded tutorials, interactive group classes, and asynchronous coursework.


This allows you to explore different styles and techniques of music and learn from a variety of teachers - from anywhere!

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